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    “FUTURE ME” – how to create a more fulfilling life in 3 months

    Discover your life’s purpose, learn how to harmonize work and life, overcome limiting beliefs, define your values and vision and receive a toolbox of valuable tools to handle stress and to strenghthen your physical and mental health. In this 3-month program with online coaching sessions an comprehensive workbook materials you will learn not only to define your personal goals, but also to implement them sustainably in harmony with your professional and private environment.

  • Start Date

    This Programm takes place online and starts on November 21st, 23. The other dates will take place on November 30th, 2023, December 7th, 2023, December 14th, 2023 and January 18th, 2024.

  • Goals

    This training is perfect for anyone looking for a new purpose or looking for ways to balance their personal and professional lives. Would you like to have more balance and time for yourself, do something for your health and at the same time experience an enriching career change? Then the 3-month work-life harmony program is just right for you.

    What you can expect:

    • Gain more time for well-being
    • Exercises and input for healthy eating & living
    • Insights into transformative techniques
    • New perspectives for your professional direction
    • Connect with a growing community of like-minded people

    Create your future-you in the most sustainable and powerful way and learn to expand your future skills while making a profound change in your life and in your career.

  • Benefits
    1. Sustainable transformation: As part of this program, you will learn step by step to dissolve and to release limiting beliefs that prevent you from leading a truly fulfilling life.
    2. You will learn to visualize your future self and to develop a concrete and powerful plan that will put you on the path to actually achieving your goals.
    3. You will learn effective tools that will help you in your everyday life and actually put your plans into action.
    4. New perspectives: You can use your newly learned skills and tools in all areas of life. They support you in following a completely new career direction or in gaining more satisfaction and fulfillment in your current job.
    5. More resilience: Effective options for stress management, self-regulation and personal transformation are the most important basis for a balanced life. These include outlets such as good nutrition and exercise as well as a healthy attitude and posture.
    6. Last but not least: The most important thing is to know your own values ​​and learn to stay true to them.
  • Your Coaches

    Meet your companions on your journey to the future: Tanja Knob and Paulina Makol.
    We look forward to seeing you!



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